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for Best Chefs America   Allan Russo, head chef and owner of Sette, grew up apprenticing inside his father’s restaurant, Da Filippo's Autentica Cuisina Italian. “It was a home away from home,” Russo says. “I was excited to be there. It was natural to me.”  His parents told ..
29 Nov 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America (photos by Johnny Autry)   It's no longer a novelty for chefs to use localism as a niche. People now expect that local food will be served in every high-profile, high-end establishment that advertises quality. Sourcing local requires networking. It takes..
19 Oct 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Best Chef Scott Anderson  When foodies in Princeton want a forward thinking culinary adventure, they head to elements — Scott Anderson’s progressive modernist restaurant in the heart of downtown. Anderson calls his food “new age fine dining for the edgier soul.”..
09 Oct 2016 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Like any up and coming culinary destination, the city of St. Louis is dependent on forward-thinking chefs who take initiative to create concepts that fill holes in its budding food scene. Jason Tilford, the Best Chef behind Milagro Modern Mexican and Mission T..
26 Sep 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Brad Kilgore has quickly risen to be recognized as top talent in the U.S. one year after opening Miami's Alter restaurant. He also got more nominations to become a new BCA Best Chef than we've ever received. Nominators commend Kilgore for adding to the trendy up-and-com..
28 Aug 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Best Chef Graham Dailey   Graham Dailey took over Peninsula Grill in 2010, after working as chef de cuisine under Robert Carter for six years. It wasn’t easy to revamp a 16-year-old restaurant, but Dailey says it was good timing. The Peninsula Grill’s roma..
10 Aug 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America                        The Tuthill House, where Jeremy Berlin works as the executive chef and general manager, resides on a 36 acre piece of land in the Hudson Valley. The scenery surrounding the restaurant i..
31 Jul 2016 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   “We do food that’s a reflection of what we know and where we come from,” says Fabio Trabocchi, the Best Chef behind Washington, D.C. restaurants Casa Luca, Fiola, and Fiola Mare. “That's an important motivator. It creates a soul for the restaurant and a true s..
16 Jul 2016 Author:: Alison
Kyma, part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group owned by my father I. Pano Karatassos, is a dining experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in Atlanta. It is unique in that it’s the only upscale Greek restaurant in the city, as well as the only restaurant to offer a white tablecloth vegan an..
29 Jun 2016 Author:: Alison