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For Best Chefs America   Peter Pollay opened Posana in 2009 on a prime piece of real estate on the corner of Asheville’s downtown district. It began as a cafe and relaunched as a full-service restaurant in 2013 with an extensive renovation.  Shortly after, our new Best Chef sh..
24 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America Chad Clevenger has cooked all types of cuisines. He's been a personal chef for celebrities in France, a chef/owner of a fine dining restaurant, a chef/owner of a food cart, and a restaurant consultant. At Alma Cocina, he cooks Mexican food, a cuisine that's not looked ..
19 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America Jaime Hernandez is a chef out of water in the small mountain city of Brevard, NC. Jaime’s Creole Brasserie is one of the only straight-from-scratch restaurants in the area. Hernandez also opened Market at 36, a gourmet grocery and butcher, to showcase all his favor..
08 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
    Best Chef Chris Siversen knew the location of Maritime Parc was perfect the moment he saw the buillding. He always wanted to combine a restaurant and event space under a single roof; and the former office complex in Liberty Square Park with vaulted wood ceilings, grand s..
30 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America Photos by Nathan Michael   Patrick Sheerin, the chef/owner of the Chicago restaurant Trenchermen in Wicker Park, knows all about the perils of being your own boss. He opened Trenchermen in 2012, in a former Russian bathhouse, with the intent to create a ..
24 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America    Best Chef Jennifer Jasinski uses this recipe for cardamom scented pork belly to make the bacon at Denver's Rioja restaurant with the luxuriously fatty Kurabota hog. This recipe is accented with a fresh garbanzo bean purée, spiked with madras cur..
17 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America   You've built an audience. You have an arsenal of dishes you can recite from memory. You've carved a niche and you've got stories to tell. A cookbook could be your next career move.   We live in a time when restaurant quality food culture is rapidl..
02 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
for Best Chefs America  all photos credit: AvroKO Hospitality Group    Public’s lively and dim lit, rustic and elegant interior has always been filled with fans of the rule-bending flavors in Brad Farmerie’s Michelin-starred fusion cuisine. As Spring rolls in, Farmerie an..
25 Feb 2016 Author:: Alison Sher