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For Best Chefs America   David Abrahams calls the crew at his restaurant, Red Water Café, the black sheep of the restaurant business in Waimea, Hawaii. Abrahams' restaurant is a hub where local misfits and high-end travelers alike can gather for conviviality and fine cuisine. Red Wate..
13 Jun 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America   What are the perks of being a private chef? We asked Hervé Didailler. It turns out, there are many. The French-born private chef gets to cook without a budget. He gets to make dishes with ingredients from all the top purveyors that even 3 star Michelin rest..
29 May 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America The James Beard Foundation released the winners for their 2016 awards. Most of the chefs on the list are members of Best Chefs America; once again proving that chefs know best.       Best Chef: Great Lakes Curtis Duffy, Grace, Chicago Grace..
10 May 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America   Peter Pollay opened Posana in 2009 on a prime piece of real estate on the corner of Asheville’s downtown district. It began as a cafe and relaunched as a full-service restaurant in 2013 with an extensive renovation.  Shortly after, our new Best Chef sh..
24 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Chad Clevenger has cooked all types of cuisines. He's been a personal chef for celebrities in France, a chef/owner of a fine dining restaurant, a chef/owner of a food cart, and a restaurant consultant. At Alma Cocina, he cooks Mexican food, a cuisine that's not looked ..
19 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Jaime Hernandez is a chef out of water in the small mountain city of Brevard, NC. Jaime’s Creole Brasserie is one of the only straight-from-scratch restaurants in the area. Hernandez also opened Market at 36, a gourmet grocery and butcher, to showcase all his favor..
08 Apr 2016 Author:: Alison
    Best Chef Chris Siversen knew the location of Maritime Parc was perfect the moment he saw the buillding. He always wanted to combine a restaurant and event space under a single roof; and the former office complex in Liberty Square Park with vaulted wood ceilings, grand s..
30 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America Photos by Nathan Michael   Patrick Sheerin, the chef/owner of the Chicago restaurant Trenchermen in Wicker Park, knows all about the perils of being your own boss. He opened Trenchermen in 2012, in a former Russian bathhouse, with the intent to create a ..
24 Mar 2016 Author:: Alison