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Chefs know best.  Better than food writers, or any type of Internet survey, chefs know who are the “best chefs” in their hardworking, demanding, and creative profession.  With this in mind, we set out to call chefs across the United States, and conduct thousands of one-on-one confidential ..
08 Jan 2020 Author:: BCA STAFF
  For Best Chefs America (01/18/16)     Opening a restaurant is a decision that everyone who works in the culinary arts will likely consider as they examine their career trajectory. Those who do are driven by big dreams, as well as the understanding that starting a restaur..
25 Apr 2018 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America (5/21/17) A group of Best Chefs united in the kitchen in Asheville, NC as part of the James Beard Foundation’s Celebrity Chef Tour. Each crafted two dishes showcasing a variety of cuisines, techniques, and artisan ingredients with an emphasis on cooking southern in a haute ..
22 Jan 2018 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Ten years ago, Mike Davis began to pioneer the emergence of chef-driven restaurants in Columbia, SC. The concept of his restaurant Terra is a familiar one. Davis sources local food, seasonally. He cooks contemporary American dishes with Southern, classic Frenc..
27 Jul 2017 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Chris Hall's Atlanta-area restaurant Local Three has few culinary boundaries. As long as a dish is delicious, his team can cook it — from bacon enchiladas to trumpet mushroom bibimbap to lamb shawarma. “I wanted to open a place where I could ..
11 Jun 2017 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Pop ups are one of the few dining trends to truly take over the nation in the past decade. These temporary restaurants allow chefs an opportunity to create menus that break all the typical rules of the restaurant industry. Today, pop ups are growing at a rate ..
03 May 2017 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Brian Clevenger of Seattle’s Vendemmia, East Anchor Seafood Market, and Raccolto is known for preparing Italian-inspired food that accents the already perfect natural flavors in every local product he sources. Clevenger keeps..
30 Mar 2017 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   Clint Jolly calls himself a culinary storyteller. Every plate of food tells a tale, and when Jolly cooks, he gets to write the narrative. People naturally recall past experiences when they taste familiar flavors. Our tongues take us to a different time and pla..
04 Mar 2017 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America   To be a chef is a dirty job, though you wouldn't know this by the way Lisa Dahl of Mariposa, Cucina Rustica, Dahl Ristorante Italiana, and Pisa Lisa carries herself. The Sedona, AZ Best Chef has her hands on every aspect of her restaur..
30 Jan 2017 Author:: Alison