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  For Best Chefs America     Opening a restaurant is a decision that everyone who works in the culinary arts will likely consider as they examine their career trajectory. Those who do are driven by big dreams, as well as the understanding that starting a restaurant is a ga..
18 Jan 2016 Author:: Alison Sher
 For Best Chefs America   To become a true sushi master takes a lifetime. And the concept of "perfection" achieved at the pinnacle of this mastry is hard for even the most seasoned critics to define. Engin Onural of The Venue Sushi Bar & Sake Lounge in Palm Desert, CA has bee..
16 Dec 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America Though they may want to, chefs are not allowed to play their favorite Metallica song at brunch. It's only when the doors are locked and the ticket board is cleared that kitchen folk can exercise free range to listen to whatever they want as they work. Behind the scenes, whe..
30 Nov 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America Uttapam is an Indian street food made of a thick pancake with toppings cooked into the batter. This recipe for uttapam comes from Best Chef Meherwan Irani of Chai Pani, an Indian restaurant chain originating in Asheville, NC that serves mindblowing chaat ..
15 Nov 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America   A mentor is a person who can tell you that you don't need to get shot to know you won't like it. Advice is a way of repackaging life's more awful experiences with the blessing of hindsight - to save people some agony, and with it the time it takes to find a si..
02 Nov 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
Simpson Wong (of Cafe Asean & Wong) recently opened Chomp Chomp, a Singaporean restaurant in New York City's West Village. He uses shrimp paste in a number of dishes. Here is Wong's recipe for Hah Zheung Gai - shrimp paste chicken wings.  ..
26 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
Few chefs, in one short lifetime, have been able to accomplish the wide breadth of achievements credited to Best Chef Paul Prudhomme. The beloved ambassador for Cajun and Creole cuisine passed away Oct. 8, at age 75. Here is our eulogy.  ..
22 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
For Best Chefs America   Try Best Chef Charles Draghi's recipe for roasted cauliflower that he makes at Boston's beloved Italian restaurant Erbaluce.    Ingredients:   1 head cauliflower  4 ozs. of taleggio cheese (or fontina for a milder flavor)..
21 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison Sher
What’s the difference between a home cook and a professional chef? The answer starts with technique, a few key ingredients, and a proper toolkit. Here are a few essential tricks to help you put out top-notch food with the same caliber as the highly-trained.  ..
12 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison Sher