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Like many of our Best Chefs, Charles Draghi of Boston's Erbaluce is more than a cook. He moonlights as a playwright. He's a poet. And he cooks without butter. He may be one of the only chefs in America to so strictly do so.  ..
21 May 2015 Author:: Alison
Meet Karen Carrier, chef-owner of The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Bar DKDC, The Mollie Fontaine Lounge, Another Roadside Attraction Catering, and Automatic Slims.  ..
15 May 2015 Author:: Alison
          MAURIZIO FERRARESE OF QUATTRO IN HOUSTON'S FOUR SEASONS HOTEL          BCA: How does Italian food in the U.S. differ from Italian food in Italy?  MF: I am 100 percent Italian, born and raised..
27 Apr 2015 Author:: Alison
  It is with great awe and regret that Best Chefs America pays homage to the visionary chef Homaro Cantu of the famed Chicago restaurant Moto. Cantu passed away at age 38. He takes with him an arsenal of culinary knowledge and leaves behind an international legacy. The Cook County Medica..
20 Apr 2015 Author:: Alison
A Q&A with Michael Carrino, the winner of the debut season of the Food Network's Chopped (though he hopes the masses will come up with something else to inscribe on his headstone)  ..
13 Apr 2015 Author:: Alison
Best Chef Matt McCallister sets a high bar in his kitchen at FT-33, thinks truffle oil shouldn't be legal anywhere and has a new project coming up that will NOT be a Southern restaurant.  ..
10 Feb 2015 Author:: Alison
Best Chef Hugh Acheson in the kitchen; American Red Snapper with spring vegetables. Photos by Brent Herrig and Sarah Dorio   When opening a restaurant in a new location, how do you go about finding and choosing local farmers and products? It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist or a..
26 Jan 2015 Author:: Alison
Chef Dylan Fultineer has known oyster farmers Travis And Ryan Croxton for years and when he heard they wanted to open a restaurant, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. Travis and Ryan were looking at a number of locations and Richmond seemed like it would work. Chef Dylan knew he wanted the re..
13 Jan 2015 Author:: Alison
The significance behind Best Chef Gavin Kaysen’s newest venture, Spoon and Stable, is quite literal: his obsession with spoons, combined with the fact that the restaurant was built in a horse stable dating back to 1906, drew inspiration for the name. After working with Best Chef Daniel Boulud the la..
10 Dec 2014 Author:: Alison