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We have all witnessed the incomprehensible loss of life and the pervasive economic toll this virus has taken on the entire country. Expectedly, It has ravaged the restaurant industry unlike any earthquake, hurricane or tornado. BCA’s more than 4,600 chefs and their teams continue to experience first hand at almost 9,000 restaurants across the nation, its impact on their families, restaurant families and friends.

The National Restaurant Association has reported that the restaurant industry, more than any other industry in the nation, has suffered the most significant sales and job losses since the COVID-19 outbreak began and is likely to sustain $240 Billion in losses by the end of 2020.

States open and many restaurant owners and staff struggle to overcome adversity and tragedy and manage to do so with enthusiasm and hope. Other owners are faced with the difficult and heart breaking decision of closing permanently. To all of you, thank you for giving us your blood, sweat and tears during an anguishing time. We wish success to those who are bravely forging ahead adapting their business models to try and fit the “new normal”. Those of you who are no less brave, and have tried everything to remain in business, yet have been forced to close we are saddened by your losses but hold optimism for your future. Your customers will miss you. We will miss you. We hope you come back. America needs great food.

BCA is ready to assist with at least one facet of your reopening, which is to let people know that you are still standing. Contact us through our website at or to update your profiles with new photos, bios, restaurant and current social media information.

Bill Blalock, President and CEO

Chefs know best.  Better than food writers, or any type of Internet survey, chefs know who are the “best chefs” in their hardworking, demanding, and creative profession.  With this in mind, we set out to call chefs across the United States, and conduct thousands of one-on-one confidential ..
08 Jan 2020 Author: BCA STAFF

“That guy can cook like nobody’s business,” well, there’s no higher compliment in a professional kitchen.
- Michael Ruhlman, Foreword, Best Chefs America: 2013

At Best Chefs America, our motto is chefs know best. Our process is straightforward peer review — chefs rating chefs. We interviewed over 5,000 chefs to create Best Chefs America, a compendium of the top culinary talent in the U.S. We asked chefs about the peers they respected the most. We found out who was cooking the best food locally. We identified emerging trends and rising stars. Only 1 percent of chefs in America made our list. Use the Best Chefs database to guide your eating adventures. Read about the men and women inside the chef's coat by visiting the Voices page. Best Chefs America is on a mission to honor, serve, and promote the work of leaders in the culinary arts, so you can try the best food the U.S. has to offer.

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