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For Best Chefs America   A mentor is a person who can tell you that you don't need to get shot to know you won't like it. Advice is a way of repackaging life's more awful experiences with the blessing of hindsight - to save people some agony, and with it the time it takes to find a si..
02 Nov 2015 Author:: Alison
Simpson Wong (of Cafe Asean & Wong) recently opened Chomp Chomp, a Singaporean restaurant in New York City's West Village. He uses shrimp paste in a number of dishes. Here is Wong's recipe for Hah Zheung Gai - shrimp paste chicken wings.  ..
26 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison
Few chefs, in one short lifetime, have been able to accomplish the wide breadth of achievements credited to Best Chef Paul Prudhomme. The beloved ambassador for Cajun and Creole cuisine passed away Oct. 8, at age 75. Here is our eulogy.  ..
22 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison
For Best Chefs America   Try Best Chef Charles Draghi's recipe for roasted cauliflower that he makes at Boston's beloved Italian restaurant Erbaluce.    Ingredients:   1 head cauliflower  4 ozs. of taleggio cheese (or fontina for a milder flavor)..
21 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison
Charlie Bird, the hip Italian restaurant in NYC's SoHo district, serves a farro salad that is revered as one of the best salads in the city. The recipe was featured in The NY Times. Best Chefs America has a slightly updated version. Follow along to concoct this delicious dish at home. ..
06 Oct 2015 Author:: Alison
After a week of serving others, there's no greater reward than to be served on a day off. Here is where some of our best chefs go to grub when they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor. ..
27 Sep 2015 Author:: Alison
for Best Chefs America       Best Chef Jill Mathias     If you want to know what’s on the menu at Chez Nous, go straight to Instragram. You’ll find their daily rotating menu on stunning display - white plate after white plate, topped with dishes like..
20 Sep 2015 Author:: Alison
Best Chef Anne Quatrano of Atlanta's Star Provisions, Bacchanalia, Floataway Cafe, Little Bacch, and Fish Camp shares her recipe for Slow-Roasted Porchetta.  ..
03 Sep 2015 Author:: Alison
Is kitchen life calling your name? Learn from one food writer's attempt at the life of a line cook.  ..
27 Aug 2015 Author:: Alison