David Darugh


In the 1950's, as Chef David Darugh grew up in his parent's restaurant in Sonoma, California, he watched as they sourced many foods from local gardens, dairies and ranches as that was all they had available. He recalls his youth, grinding fat and beef into hamburger and making patties by hand and cleaning boxes of fresh out of the ground produce. The restaurant was farm to table, but only out of necessity.

Together, with his wife Gayle, he has come full circle. The past 20 years they have owned and operated Beechwood Inn as a farm to table inn and restaurant. They seek to reconnect food to its origins and people to their food by serving local, seasonal and sustainable food for breakfast, at "wine-thirty" and for the inn's dinners. Further enhancing the diner's farm to table experience they operate "Grow, Cook, Eat, Culinary Garden" – an organic vegetable, herb and edible flower farm. Chefs Darugh also make and bottle several varieties of locally sourced table wine. 

David and Gayle Darugh hope that some of their diners who experience local foods, foraged wild foods and sustainable practices will want to make their own connection to time, season and place and will be encouraged to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and diet.

According to Chef Darugh, they amplify their unique regional heritage through the publication of countless entertaining and compelling articles in local and regional magazines and blogs about food, health, nutrition and foodways.


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