Matthew Tlusty

When Matthew Tlusty started developing the idea for Saltbox Oyster Co., he thought about his career as a cook and a chef. Walking around New York City as a cook in the '90's to being an Executive Chef in San Francisco in 2018. He always knew the core of his cooking revolved around seafood because it's what he loves to procure, cook and eat. 

Chef Tlusty believes Saltbox Oyster Co. is about the celebration of seafood. Their goal is to pay respect to the people responsible for bringing us treasures from the water. "These watermen put in a tremendous amount of work growing, harvesting and preparing the seafood we enjoy so much. We recognize that these people are on the water no matter the weather. Their bodies show the hard work, the weathered hands, sun beaten faces – all are sacrifices they make for us."

Matthew Tlusty believes it is their responsibility at Saltbox Oyster Co. to serve their harvest with the same passion, drive and respect.  




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