Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell, Chef de Cuisine at Bimini Steakhouse, has dedicated his life to creating culinary masterpieces. After 46 years in the industry, Neil loves his work just as much now, as when he first started. "It lets you work with your head and your hands. It lets you be artistic", he says. After graduating from Thurrock Technical College in the U.K., Neil spent a year working with Vogue food editor, celebrity chef and TV personalitiy, Robert Carrier, to whom he still credits many of his biggest lessons.

Having journeyed through 16 restaurants throughout the U.S., Neil finally settled in Reno, Nevada and in 2018 accepted his current position at Bimini Steakhouse inside Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno's premier AAA Four Diamond restaurant.  "Here, they give you a lot of freedom in the products you can use and what you can order", he notes regarding his creative freedom. His favorite part about his career is always evolving, but right now, it's teaching. He wants to inspire others and impact their career – as Neil's own mentors did. He takes pride in being the leader of a great team. 

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